Mariyam Rizvi
Position: State President Email: mariyamrizvi28@gmail.com Phone No: 9873328386

Mariyam Rizvi is a 4th year B.Pharm student who has been a part of the IPGA-SF since its initial years. She has witnessed the development of the forum into a full-fledged organization from nothing but a dream and an idea. She has herself contributed towards the same, first as an extremely active member and then as the Director of Content and Research which instilled professionalism and the skillset required to conquer ones dreams, since now she serves as the State President of IPGA-SF Delhi Chapter

The forum has a special place in her heart because of which her mind is always exploring more innovative and creative ways of taking it to newer heights.

Neeti Arora
Position: State Vise-President Email: neetiarorawings@gmail.com Phone No: 8882585690

Neeti Arora is a 3rd year B.PHARM student at SPER, Jamia Hamdard. She holds an excellent academic record. She is ambitious and career-driven. Her proactive management helps her to take swift decisions, work through stressful situations proving her excellent leadership qualities.
She believes strategic thinking, persuation & influence are the key to success for any organization. Her previous tenure as the Director of Social Media & Publicity, IPGA-SF (2019-20) helped her build the skill-set to serve as Vice-President for Delhi State, IPGA-SF this year. She is looking forward to work with her full zeal and take the forum to next level with her skills & management.

Mansi Rajput
Position: State Genral Secretary Email: mansi9971rajput@gmail.com Phone No: 9971641078

Mansi Rajput is a 4th year student pursuing Bachelors of pharmacy from K.R.MANGALAM UNIVERSITY, GURUGRAM. She is former college coordinator from K.R. MANGALAM UNIVERSITY having 2 years of experience in IPGA-SF. She has good content writing skills and innovative skills and currently have 4 research projects undergoing . Recently she got a publication in a renowned INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL and looking forward for more achievements . She has been a part of various marvellous events hosted by the IPGA-SF. Research and development are the fields which intrigue her the most and she conjectures that by being a part of student forum this year ,she can bring dynamic and prodigious changes and take the organisation to heights

Ankit Monga
Position: State Joint Secretary Email: ankitmonga7167@gmail.com Phone No: 8447291984

Ankit Monga is a Third Year Student from Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU). He has been an active member of IPGA-SF since early 2020, and has a lot of experience and passion for taking part in extracurricular activities, which has instilled strong leadership and management skills in him. He also happens to hold various Positions of Responsibilities in different organizations within and outside his college and has a strong persona, along with an enthusiastic and optimistic approach to everything. With a heart full of passion and a dauntless persistence to move forward, he is working diligently to take the organization to new heights.

Harshit Arora
Position: State Treasurer Email: harshitarora459@gmail.com Phone No: 8800843397

Harshit Arora is a 4th year B.Pharm student at SGT college of pharmacy, SGT University. With calmness on the face and loaded with enthusiasm inside when a task is being assigned he takes out each time a unique way to complete the work in the most passionate and creative way. He is a man whose work is his identity and perfection in his performance. With the mindset of upbringing of this organization - IPGASF, he's looking forward to work for the organization passionately.