IPGA Student Forum is the leading national advocacy organisation for pharmacy students aimed at promoting the status of pharmacy profession and enhancement of public health. It inculcates professionalism and provides the required skill set in youth which helps them in grooming their personality, for the same, it conducts various activities, events and workshops which would impart the Pharmacy students with the optimum knowledge, qualities and perseverance to achieve the same. The Indian Pharmacy Graduates’ Association Student Forum was founded in 2017 in Delhi, India under the aegis of Indian Pharmacy Graduates’ Association.

Our Vision

The vision behind the initiative of IPGA-SF is reinforcing in young students the realization of the unlimited opportunities that they are capable of generating, spreading and availing as Pharmacy students. It also believes in inculcating in students a strong desire to take up leadership positions and building their core intrinsic values along with practical skills/knowledge to develop holistically and therefore prove to be an indispensable asset to the profession of Pharmacy in India as LEADERS and CHANGEMAKERS.

Our Objectives

  • Providing students a platform to speak up, both for themselves and the people around them to generate a sense of belonging to and working for a community, even more so because they are to become a part of the health sector workforce in India.
  • Providing students a pedestal to represent their colleges/ universities and in turn garner a massive opportunity to interact/ socialize and build contacts with the students/ teachers of other colleges.
  • Providing students an opportunity to build a curriculum vita to have a strong profile for joining the workforce.